KVT foot pegs with TUEV-certifications

You need the TUEV-certification for a foot rest "KVT sport"? Then have a look at the follwoing table and please downlod the PDF:

Type TÜV- Certication  
Driver Foot Peg:

UNIVERSAL foot peg

Universal No certification possible.  



alle 2 Ventiler Modelle

BMW 100

BMW   BMW K 100/75 [PDF]  


Ducati Pantah 500/600 500SL [PDF]  
Ducati 900SS/HR 1 1-Mann-Grundplatte 900SS [PDF]  
Ducati 900SS/HR 1 2-Mann-Grundplatte 900SS [PDF]  
Ducati 1000 HR/S2/900HR2 ZDM 1000 R [PDF] *


Honda CBX 550 F PC 04 [PDF] *
Honda VF 500 F PC 12 [PDF]  
Honda VF 750 F PC 15 [PDF]  


Kawasaki GPZ 305 EX 305 A [PDF]  
Kawasaki GPZ 550 UT KZ 550 B Mod. 82/83 [PDF] *
Kawasaki GPZ 550 KZ 550 B Mod. 84 [PDF]  
Kawasaki GPZ 750/Turbo KZ 750E Ausf. A/ ZX 750 E [PDF]  
Kawasaki Z 750 GT KZ 750E Ausf. P [PDF]  
Kawasaki GPZ 600 R ZX 600 A [PDF]  
Kawasaki GPZ 750 R/900 R ZX 750G/ZX900A, 65 mm zurückverlegt [PDF]  
Kawasaki GPZ 750 R/900 R ZX 750G/ZX900A, 95 mm zurückverlegt [PDF] *
Kawasaki GPZ 1000 RX ZXT 00 A [PDF]  
Kawasaki Z 1000 J/R KZT 00J / KZT 10 B [PDF] *
Kawasaki GPZ 1100 KZT 10 B Ausf. A, Mod. 83/84 [PDF] *

Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi Le Mans III (I + II) VF [PDF]  
Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000 (IV) VV [PDF]  


Suzuki GMX 750/1100 S Katana GR 71 A / GS 110 X [PDF]  
Suzuki GMX 750 ES/EF GR 72 A [PDF]  


Yamaha RD 350 YPVS 31 K [PDF] *
Yamaha SRX 600 1XL / 1XM [PDF]  
Yamaha XJ 600 51 J [PDF]  
Yamaha FZ 750/Genesis 1 FN [PDF] *
Yamaha XJ 900 31 A [PDF]  
Yamaha FZR 1000 2 LA [PDF]  
Yamaha FJ 1100/1200 47 E / 1 XJ [PDF] [PDF] *

* Some motorcycle footrests require a passenger footrest extension to maintain the minimum distance from rider footrest to passenger footrest!


Passenger foot rest "KVT sport"

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