Valves and Fittings for potable water, raw water, waste water, ...

Pinch valves

Pneumatic pinch valves consist of a hose-shaped pinch sleeve (hose collar), a housing and the connecting pieces (flange, thread, etc.). When compressed air is pressed between the housing and the pinch sleeve, the pinch sleeve is compressed and closes the pinch valve. Sealing is achieved by means of a sealing surface and not, as with most other pipe fittings, by means of a sealing line.

For this reason, pinch valves are much more contamination-tolerant than other valves and are therefore the ideal valve for solid media (bulk solids and powders), liquid, gaseous and pasty media as well as media mixtures, even if solids are present in these fluids.

KVT pinch valves are characterized by free passage, easy maintenance, simple integration into automated processes, reliability and durability.

Since 2021 we are also able to deliver AKV pinch valves and spare parts.

AKV pinch valves have proven themselves in particular for flour silo systems and as "bakery valves". They usually consist of one-piece, cast aluminum alloy housings.

KVT pinch valvesKVT-AKV-Baeckereiventil

Pressure switch for pressure monitoring

Pressure switches for pressure monitoring of pipeline systems which cannot be directly monitored by means of pressure gauges


Plunger Valves

Plunger valves e.g. for

  • Municipal pipeline pressure and flow control
  • Outlet valve in dam
  • Aeration tank for air flow control
  • Cooling system temperature control valve

  • With flange ends on both sides acc. to EN1092-2
  • Control valve in straightway type
  • With customized control device depending on operating conditions
  • Low actuating torque due to pressure balanced valve piston
  • Annular flow cross section in each position
  • Axial movement of the plunger by means of crank gear mechanism
  • With self-locking worm gear unit including position indicator
  • Elastic profile sealing ring located in the no-flow zone for high durability
  • Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and infiltration-proof piston guides in the body by micro-finished bronze welded overlay
  • Piston sealed by quad ring

Abtrennsystem mittels 2K-Absperrschaum der WILHELM EWE GmbH & Co. KG: Endfittings für Stahl-Gasleitungen

Endfittings für das von den Stadtwerken Karlsruhe und der WILHELM EWE GmbH & Co. KG entwickelte "2K-Absperrsystem" für Stahlrohr für das Medium Erdgas mit einem Innendruck von bis zu 1,0 bar. Die Endfittings haben eine stirnseitige Gewindebohrung M6 mit passender Verschlussschraube mit Gewindebeschichtung. Weitere Informationen:
Endkappe für EWE-Abtrennsystem Gas
Endkappe für EWE-Abtrennsystem Gas
Logo schmal 2021-05-02

Rückstausicherung STOP SILENT Light für Schmutzwasser

Die Rückstausicherung STOP SILENT Light ist die ideale Rückstausicherung für den nachträglichen Einbau, um den Rückstau von Schmutzwasser in Richtung Gebäude zu verhindern.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf den Internetseiten der STOP SILENT Europe GmbH.

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Rückflussverhinderer Lasso AS für Trinkwasser

Der Rückschlagventil STOP SILENT ist ein Membranventil, montiert auf einen Konus aus nichtrostendem Stahl. Wenige, bewegliche Teile bewirken, ähnlich den KVT-Quetschventilen, eine zuverlässige und langlebige Abdichtung.

Mehr Informationen finden Sie auf den Internetseiten der STOP SILENT Europe GmbH.

STOP SILENT Rueckschlagventil

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