Chemical resistance of materials

General resistance tables:

The chemical resistance of a material (whether metal, rubber or plastic) to a medium can be estimated using general resistance tables. Please note that these resistance tables usually only provide information about the contact
  •  of a medium,
  •  under standardised conditions (for example, room temperature, standard air pressure, ...) and
  •  without mechanical or abrasive load
(can) testify. In practice, however, the media used are usually changing media mixtures under non-standard conditions, so that these figures can only serve as a first estimation, which should be confirmed by tests under practical conditions.

Chemical resistance can, for example, be assessed on the basis of the following documents:

About these general resistance tests there are, for example from "Informationsstelle Edelstahl Rostfrei" also information on special applications in practice:

An important criterion for the selection of stainless steels is the cleaning agents / cleaning procedures intended for cleaning:

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