Fermentation tank in stainless steel

Versatile fermentation vat with stable forklift pockets for high grade red wine mash

  • Optimal, hygienic and flavour-neutral maceration of even small batches of red wine in a high-quality stainless steel-fermentation tank without the risk of aroma carryover.
  • Stable design: After mash fermentation, the fermentation tank can be emptied with a forklift truck directly into the wine press - gently without pumping!
  • Fast and gentle emptying via the large dimensioned, very stable mash door.
  • Circumferential water channel for sealing the lid analogous to a fermentation lock.
  • Chambered lid with handles.
  • Due to the rectangular design significantly more space-saving than round fermentation tanks.
  • The vat can be accessed from 3 sides with stable forklift pockets.
  • Versatile use in cellar and vineyard (e.g. also as harvest container for grapes).

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Fermentation tank dimensions:

Are you looking for a stainless steel fermenter / fermentation tank or a tank option that we do not yet offer? Feel free to ask us!

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