KVT Lifting device for wine vats ("Breisacher Bottich")

KVT lifting device have been developed for lifting round vats ("Breisacher tub") in a vat tipping device for a maximum weight of 1000 kg per vat. The lifting devices are hooked to the suspension points of the vats on both sides, lifted with the self-locking lifting devices and transported by crane. For example: Traubenannahme Schloss Affaltrach (Youtube: 0:20 - 1:00) See also description in the disclosure document of the German Patent Office "Selbstsichernde Haftlasche zum Anhaengen von Behaeltern an Krane".

Inspection of the lifting device before commissioning

The functionality and functional safety of KVT lifting device can be checked very easily by applying a load to the suspension points. This can be done using filled chests or with a small testing device. Please ask us if required!