Additional products for KVT pinch valves:

Accessories for pneumatic controlled pinch valves:

KVT-Pinch valves are usually operated with oil and water-free compressed air. As a "thumb value", the closing pressure should be approx. 2 bar higher than the medium pressure in the pipeline.

Therefore, please provide a maintenance unit with oil removal, dirt trap and drainage as well as a pressure reducer upstream of the electromagnetically or manually operated valves with which the pinch valve is controlled.

Position indicators:

Position indicators (electrical / optical) can be used for testing and feedback of the closed position.

Pneumatic control sets:

A few examples of possible connections:

KVT-QV-600 manuell DSC09741
Quetschventilweiche mit Milchrohrgewinde
KVT-QV-with control head_side view
KVT Quetschventil mit optischem Positionsanzeiger

You need help with the pneumatic control of pinch valves? You need the control circuit for the control of pinch valves? You need pneumatic components for the wiring? We are happy to help!