KVT Pinch valves for winemaking:

Pinch valves are used in wine making e.g. for the central filling of wine presses or in pipes used for pumping from one tank to another.

Pinch valves are characterized by the fact

  • that they are very easy to be automated,
  • that they can be cleaned very quickly, and
  • that stainless steel pinch valves are hygienic and taste-neutral.


Pinch valves acc. DIN 11851 ("Milchrohrgewinde"):

Pinch valves to DIN 11851 are at the moment the standard thread in the food sector, gradually replacing the regional thread types that were previously common.

► KVT pinch valve in stainless steel with thread (on both sides) acc. DIN 11851, row A ("DIN")

    • QV-630: DN 10 – DN 200
    • Other nominal sizes / other threads possible on request!
KVT-Quetschventil QV-630

Pinch valves with fittings typical for wineries:

Do you need pinch valves or other fittings with threads that have been used in viticulture for a long time? Then you are right with us! The following pinch valves are examples. Other connection types can be manufactured on request.

► KVT pinch valve with "Pfälzer Gewinde" (left side: nut, right side: threaded ferrule)

    • KVT pinch valve in stainless steel with "Pfälzer Gewinde Pf 32"
    • KVT pinch valve in stainless steel with "Pfälzer Gewinde Pf 38"

KVT pinch valve in stainless steel with "Garolla" connectors

  • QV-691: DN 50 - DN 125
  • Other nominal sizes available on request!

KVT pinch valves with other connections typical for viticulture:

    • "Mainzer Gewinde"
    • "WKN"
    • "Maische 90"
    • ...

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