Pinch valve for vacuum cleaner systems, extraction systems, filter systems, ...

Pinch valves are the ideal shut-off and control valve for gases and liquids containing solids. For this reason, many pinch valves are used for extraction systems, filter systems and vacuum cleaner systems. This pinch valve has been optimised for use in conjunction with vacuum cleaner hoses. The vacuum cleaner hoses can be inserted directly into the connecting pieces of the pinch valve on both sides without any further components and can be fixed by means of a screw to prevent accidental disassembly. Translated with (free version)


  • for vacuum cleaner hoses DN 38 / 1 1/2" suitable for negative pressure
  • smallest diameter in pinch valve: 40 mm
  • Operating pressure (medium pressure): -0,8 ... 5,0 bar
  • Closing pressure: Medium pressure + appr. 3,0 bar
  • Operating temperature: 0 ... 40°C


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