Wine press MAXI-PRESS

At the beginning of the 80's KVT started with the production of wine presses for wine grapes and other fruits. The aim was the further development of the then already existing tube presses. The basis for the KVT MAXI-PRESS was the patent for the star-shaped drum axis over which the membrane is drawn. The advantage of this pressing technique is that the drum could be equipped with an all-round perforation, resulting in
  • thin-walled press cake and
  • very short pressing times.
KVT-MAXI-PRESS mit Fussverlaengerung
Due to the star-shaped drum axis and the all-round perforation, a very large quantity of juice is obtained during pressing, since a large part of the juice can already flow off without pressure when the mash is poured in (pre-juicing). Cleaning the drum is very easy, fast and convenient due to the two 180° opposite lid openings. Various pressing programs are stored in the control system, which can also be changed while the program is already running.

The wine press is operated using touch-screen technology, i.e. all functions are started by touching the screen.