KVT pinch valves in waterworks Rodgau

In 2018, a waterworks belonging to the Offenbach city and district water supply association was refurbished. Among other things, the hydro-ring valves previously used were replaced by KVT pinch valves.

The pinch valves are used both on the raw water side and for backwashing the filters with water and air, as well as for the clean water side.

One challenge in this project was that the pinch valves had to be adapted to the existing installation dimensions. To ensure this, the pinch valves were reduced in internal diameter as follows:

  • Flange DN 350 / inner diameter DN 250
  • Flange DN 250 / inner diameter DN 150

As we expected, the flow rates after installation were the same or even slightly higher than with the previously installed valves despite the reduction in the nominal diameter (advantage of the free passage with pinch valves).

KVT_20180523_133922KVT-QV-DSC01781 B

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