Patent EP0076932 B1 ("MAXI-PRESS")

"Wein- und Fruchtpresse"

"Press for squeezing out compressible materials containing a fluid, in particular mashes.

A press for expressing liquids from liquid-containing substances, especially musts, contains an at least partially cylindrical sieve wall and a pressing apparatus disposed therein which has a rotatable shaft and separators radially fastened to the latter which form a plurality of press chambers. These are separated by a radially acting pressing means into a pressure chamber and a press chamber. To fill and empty the press chambers a charging station and a discharge station are provided. The sieve wall is stationary and the pressure chambers are sealed hermetically one from the other. Lastly, means are provided for rotating the shaft step-wise and thereby placing the press chambers step-wise successively at the charging station and at the discharge station."

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