KVT-News: Pressing of ginger with a MAXI-COMPACT press

The press house "Alte Trott" has been using a KVT MAXI-COMPACT press since February 2017 for pressing high-quality ginger juices and other juices.

  • The MAXI-COMPACT is a high-quality compact press for the professional sector, with which even the smallest quantities can be pressed without any problems.
  • The MAXI-COMPACT is made of high quality materials (stainless steel, press membrane made of fabric-reinforced polyurethane (PU), press membrane as moulded membrane).
  • The MAXI-COMPACT is approved for pressing with compressed air and is therefore also suitable for ice wine.
  • The MAXI-COMPACT was developed for the professional wine and fruit sector and is also suitable for difficult harvests.
  • "Made in Germany" - we produce our presses in our factory in Kirchzarten.
KVT MAXI-COMPACT Gesamtansicht

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