The KVT product range: pinch valves, stainless steel tanks, wine and fruit presses, contract machining and welding

We are a manufacturer of

  • Winery machinery and winery accessories, such as wine presses, fruit presses and fermentation tanks as well as
  • Pipeline fittings for plant engineering, such as pinch valves, pressure monitors, ...

We offer solutions for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, drinking water supply, gas supply, waste water disposal and site drainage, bulk solids and all other piping systems.

Our products are manufactured at our Kirchzarten site from stainless steel, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys, plastic and special materials (Hastelloy, duplex steel).

Pinch valves

Pinch Valves with

  • Flanges,
  • Pipe threads (male and female),
  • Threads DIN 11851,
  • Tri-clamps DIN 32676,
  • Pipe ends and
  • taylormade connecting devices and valves

plus pinch sleeves (inliner) in NR, EPDM, NBR, silicone, ...

Viticultural products

  • Wine-press MAXI-PRESS and Compact press MAXI-COMPACT,
  • Fermentation vat / tank,
  • Lifting devices for "Breisacher Bottiche",
  • Diaphragm seals and
  • Pinch Valves for wineries and other food production facilities.

Valves and fittings

Valves and fittings like pinch valves, plunger valvers, ... for

  • drinking water,
  • raw water,
  • process water,
  • waste water,
  • bulk material.

Other products and services

Discover our other products

  • foot rest systems,
  • contract manufacturing / production.
Photo of KVT pinch valves
Photo of a KVT wine press MAXI-PRESS
Photo of a stainless steel flange
Drawing KVT sport foot peg