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KVT Pinch Valves

KVT has been manufacturing pneumatic pinch valves for more than 30 years now in best quality and with a great variety of different types. We are even able to produce customer specific valves, too.

KVT pinch valves are actuated by (oilfree) pressurized air or other inert, gaseous or liquid media.


KVT-Quetschventile aus Edelstahl und Aluminium

The KVT pinch valve is an astonishing simple, safe, durable and low-priced armature with a smooth, circular, straight passage in open position. They close absolutely liquid and gas-tight.

Pinch valves are

  •  easy to clean,
  •  no dead vol,
  •  no dirt traps and above all
  •  very small head losses.

KVT pinch valves are therefore the ideal valve for all flowable goods, in particular all very viscous, pasty, solid-containing, powdery, strongly contaminated as well as abrasive or aggressive materials in the piping and apparatus engineering, filter systems, tank wagon, silo installation and are also very suitable in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere.

KVT supplies more than 4000 pinch valve variations as to

Nominal size (DN 6 - DN 800)

- Type of connection (flange-type connection, threaded connections acc. DIN 2999, DIN 11851 and DIN 11864-1 / DIN 11853-1, clamp connections acc. DIN 32676 and DIN 11864-3 / DIN 11853-3, nozzle / welding ends, …)

- Material of housing
(Stainless steel, aluminium alloy,
aluminium alloy with stainless steel cladding, polypropylene (PP), polyoxymethylen (POM), ...)

- Material of pinch sleeve in more than 20 material compositions (resistant to friction, alkali and acid-proof, acc. FDA, with and without fibre-reinforcement ...)

You have any special requirements? Then get in contact with us!



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