KVT GmbH Kirchzarten KVT GmbH Kirchzarten KVT GmbH Kirchzarten
KVT GmbH Kirchzarten KVT GmbH Kirchzarten KVT GmbH Kirchzarten


KVT GmbH is a small, but expanding company with a lot of customer specific product solutions.

Therefore we are always looking for new employees dedicated to their work.

You would like to be part of our team? Then send us your job application by e-mail!

Please send your job application and CV by e-mail to:

Martin Katzenschwanz
Lindenbergstr. 5
79199 Kirchzarten

E-Mail: Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden einer E-Mailinfo[at]k-vt.de

Thank you!

Please note our privacy statement on applicant/application data.

Sitemap to products of KVT GmbH

Pinch Valves
KVT GmbH is a producer of a big variety of pneumatically operated pinch valves.
Valves and Fittings
Valves and fittings for drinnking water, waste water, sprinkler installations and bulk material. Gate valves, plunger valves, check valves, service valves and pinch valves.
Products for Wineries
Pinch Valves, winepress MAXI-PRESS, compact press MAXI-COMPACT, stainless steel tank, stainless steel vat for red wine mash, ...
Other products
motorcycles, footrests, Sitemap,KVT, GmbH, Kirchzarten
Certifications of KVT and KVT-products
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