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Fermentation vat
for high grade red wine mash

Versatile fermentation vat with stable forklift pockets.

  • KVT Gaerbehaelter aus Edelstahl rostfrei

    Optimal, hygienic and taste neutral maceration even for small lots of red wine in a high-quality stainless steel fermentation vat.

  • After maceration the stainless steel vat can be lifted by a forklift directly onto the winepress - gentle filling of the winepress without any pumping of the mash!
  • Maischetuer aus Edelstahl fuer KVT-Gaerbehaelter

    Bottom flush opening for residual-free emptying.

  • Fast and gentle emptying via the large, very stable opening.

  • A water gutter seals the cover by a similar system like a fermentation lock.

  • Cambered cover with handles.

  • The rectangulardesign is significantly more space-saving than a round tank.

  • KVT,GmbH,Gaerbehaelter,SiebYou can lift the vat from 3 sides. The forklift pockets are desgined for heavy duty use.

  • Versatile in use.

There are many options for our red mash fermentation vat:

  • Height-adjustable sieve to hold down the mash during the fermentation,
  • Stacking of (empty) vats,
  • Forklift pockets on 2 - 4 sides of the vat,
  • Additional connectors in the cover of the vat (e.g. for temperature sensor, connection to a pump, ...),
  • Heatable by surface heating elements on the outer container page,
  • Special dimensions,
  • ...


You are you looking for a fermentation vat / fermentation tank made of stainless steel that we currently do not offer?

Just send us your request!

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